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Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell said that Congress' tax reform plan is likely to be "a Republican fix only."

Caldwell said he doesn't see any Democrat getting on board neither the House nor Senate versions.

"Republicans are going to be the only ones to participate in it," he said.

Melissa Francis asked whether there would be one thing in either bill Caldwell would change.

He said that there might be a way to get some of the high-tax, blue-state Republicans on board.

Recently, most federal legislators in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and California voted against the House plan because it removed the ability for their constituents to write-off their states' high income taxes.

He said that the New York City metro area, along with Maryland and California, could see some benefits of the tax plan if there was a way to show edits to the plan that quelled their current concerns.

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