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Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino called Hillary Clinton a "fraud" and ripped her radio interview with Salem Network's Hugh Hewitt.

Brian Kilmeade played tape of the interview, noting how Clinton failed to connect with the electorate and express herself as an agent of change after President Obama's term expired.

Clinton said that following a two-term president of her own party was like facing a "historic headwind."

"That's because she sat in front of focus groups and changed her positions by the day," Bongino said.

He said that while he worked for the Secret Service during President Clinton's term, he "found Mrs. Clinton to be the most deceptive human being [and] manipulative political person in a position of power I'd ever met."

"It wasn't so much that she was a liar - she deceived and manipulated with such ease," he said, objecting to Democratic strategist Robin Biro's account of Clinton being a warm person to be around.

"Mrs. Clinton is a fraud," Bongino, also a former Republican congressional candidate in the Maryland panhandle, said.

"I lost a tough [election] in Maryland," he said, adding that, despite the thin margin of loss, he had to "move on."

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