LaVar Ball on Trump Tweets: 'If You Helped, You Shouldn't Have to Say Anything'

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Newt Gingrich went off on LaVar Ball for not being grateful after President Donald Trump helped get Ball's son out of possible jail time in China.

Ball's son, UCLA basketball LiAngelo Ball, and two of his teammates were facing several years in prison on a shoplifting charge.

Trump said he negotiated with Chinese President Xi Jinping for their release.

The elder Ball told CNN that he is not attacking or criticizing Trump, but he doesn't necessarily feel the need to thank him.

"I think it's a sad commentary on what's happened to America when a father being told that his son was shoplifting in China isn't really angry at his son," Gingrich said on "Hannity." "He ought to be grateful to the president, because his son could have been in really deep trouble."

"I'm embarrassed for that father that he didn't have the decency to say, 'Thank you, Mr. President. I've got to talk to my kid,'" Gingrich said. "I just think this is a sign of what's sick about America, that people don't take responsibility, they don't take accountability."

He added that these NCAA Division I basketball players, who are attending a great university and who potentially have lucrative NBA careers ahead of them, have no business shoplifting.

"People should be pretty irritated that these guys who have a privileged life, have a privileged future, have the chance for a multi-million dollar career in the NBA are out here embarrassing America, looking stupid and doing something that's totally dumb," Gingrich said.

He acknowledged that Trump probably shouldn't have said, "I should have left them in jail!"

"What he ought to say is, 'I wish that father had been there in jail. Let the kids come home.' It's the father who's being ungrateful, not the kids."

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