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George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley said that Congress is now answering for putting its ethics "on layaway" during the Clinton presidency.

"Many in Washington put their ethics on layaway during the Clinton presidency. That bill is finally due," he said.

Turley said Washington's single "great specialty" is "managing scandal."

"They're world experts at it. You know there's something wrong when so many politicians in Washington are standing on principle," he said of the aftermath of several sexual misconduct allegations against legislators and candidates.

He said the members' indignation is "not very convincing," adding that President Trump's reaction to Judge Roy Moore (R-Ala.) was "devoid of any moral foundation."

"He gives a total denial," Trump said on Tuesday afternoon. "I do have to say 40 years is a long time. He's run eight races and this has never come up."

Turley said the numerous allegations against Moore are "compelling" and "credible." He noted that although Moore denies the allegations, but so does Bill Clinton when it comes to his own accusations of sexual misconduct. 

"That's not the standard. The standard for adults is to look at the allegations and decide if they're credible."

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