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Greg Gutfeld reacted to Newsweek publishing an article comparing cult leader and murderer Charles Manson to President Trump.

"Newsweek made me a smarter kid," Gutfeld said of reading the magazine in his earlier years. "Now the magazine makes you dumber."

Gutfeld said that the publication's latest piece makes it appear to be a "thinly-pressed carcass of mindvomit."

The article is called "How Murderer Charles Manson and Donald Trump Used Similar Language to Gain Followers."

The article says both men geared their speeches toward people who felt "alienated or marginalized."

Gutfeld said most people "use language to gain followers" - "Isn't that what we all do? Doesn't that make Newsweek like Manson," he remarked.

He said the article possibly come about as the product of young editors trying to find a way to "take a naked Charlie Rose off their minds."

Jesse Watters called the piece "lazy clickbait and a smear" of Trump.

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