Tucker vs. Sanctuary City Mayor: 'Hard to Take A Lecture From You on the Constitution'

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A federal judge in California on Monday permanently blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities that do not cooperate with federal authorities in enforcing U.S. immigration law.

U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick ruled that the White House does not have the authority to impose new conditions on spending already approved by Congress.

On "Fox & Friends," Republican California gubernatorial candidate John Cox described Orrick as a "politician," pointing out that he bundled $200,000 for former President Barack Obama and has a history of ruling in favor of left-wing positions.

He said this ruling is all about politics, and it sends the wrong message about law enforcement's role in a community.

"It's all about politics, it's all about scaring people, it's all about arousing anger in some people and fear in others," Cox said.

He pointed out that his Democratic opponent, Gavin Newsom, claimed that sanctuary cities are necessary, or else teachers and nurses would turn in students and patients who aren't in the country legally.

"It's all about scaring people. And he's a demagogue, and that's the problem with this," Cox said.

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