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Tucker Carlson said Oakland Raiders back Marshawn Lynch acted in a "grotesque" manner when he stood for the Mexican National Anthem but sat for the Star-Spangled banner.

Lynch's Raiders lost to the New England Patriots at an NFL outing in Mexico City on Sunday.

Carlson said Lynch, 31, appears to be "under the impression that Mexico is a more virtuous country than his own."

He told sports agent Anthony Tall that Lynch must not know about Mexico's history of racial unrest which he said is exponentially worse than America's past sins.

Tall said Lynch is "evidence" of "how difficult it is to be black in America," adding that NBA star LeBron James shares the sentiment.

"Have you seen the people who run Mexico?" Carlson asked. "How did Afro-Mexicans do [throughout history]?"

"That's insane," he said of Lynch's actions.

Carlson said President Trump tweeted that Lynch should be threatened with a suspension if he repeats his actions.

In response, Linda del Rio, the wife of Raiders Coach Jack del Rio said she "regrets" voting for Trump, because his tweets critical of the NFL take away from the charitable work their players do.

Coach Del Rio said he wants all his players to "respect the flag" but understands that every American has the "choice" not to do so.

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