Gutfeld: Hillary Blames FNC For Her Husband Being In Power

Steyn Rips Dems' Newfound 'Character': 'They All Knew What Bill Clinton Was Doing'

Michelle Malkin sounded off on the Clinton family being "protected" by the media for decades, until a series of sexual misconduct allegations against fellow liberals came to light.

"This is not ancient history. You're going to have all these liberal wheedlers [asking] why are we talking about Bill Clinton."

Malkin called Bill and Hillary Clinton the "Godparents of victim-shaming smear tactics." - responding to Sean Hannity's recollection of Hillary's 1990s remarks critical of Gennifer Flowers.

She said liberal media personalities are "tying themselves in yoga knots" to explain their perceived inaction and "enabling" during the Clinton years.

Malkin said the custom in the mainstream media and the left is to "believe all women except when they're accusing liberal Democrat men and liberal Hollywood weirdos."

"All women must be respected unless of course they are female Republicans...," she said.

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