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Trump on Death of Border Patrol Officer: 'We're Going to Have the Wall'

Laura Ingraham said the murder of U.S. Customs & Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez "better be the final straw for members of Congress" to take action on President Trump's planned wall and meaningful border security legislation.

"His family deserves justice," Ingraham said. "This should never be happening in the United States."

Martinez was murdered by what is reported to be a group of illegal immigrants in Culberson County, Texas - about 150 miles southeast of El Paso - near the Mexican border.

Unconfirmed reports say Martinez was bludgeoned to death with rocks, Ingraham said, while his partner escaped with grave injuries.

She called the incident a "sickening example of violence at the border."

Robert Heyer, a relative of murdered CBP Agent Brian Terry - who died during the Fast & Furious scandal, said he too believes Martinez was ambushed.

"[America] elected a president to secure the border," Heyer said.

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