Gutfeld on Trump's Critics: 'The World Has Moved on Without Them'

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In a recent forum, Hillary Clinton said she and President Clinton wouldn't have survived in the political world if Fox News was around, Greg Gutfeld reported.

Gutfeld said Clinton ironically made the claim after several left-leaning media personalities admitted the 42nd president should've resigned over the Monica Lewinsky affair.

"Isn't Hillary agreeing with these new critics?" he asked.

Gutfeld said that, to take Clinton's word, if Fox News was around to hold the White House accountable, the president would've likely resigned and paid his debt to society in that way.

That action, Gutfeld said, would grant Mrs. Clinton more moral standing to pursue a run for president against the occasionally-controversial then-businessman Donald Trump.

"Without knowing it, Hillary exposed the media's lack of guts," he said.

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