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Dana Loesch said that Sen. Al Franken deserves a chance to state his case regarding sexual misconduct allegations against him, but she would "love to see him go."

The Minnesota senator has been accused by multiple women of groping them both before and during his tenure in Congress. A second woman accused him Monday of taking advantage of posing for a photo to touch her inappropriately.

Franken is a "horrible human being" because of his politics, and "one of the worst elected officials on God's green earth," Loesch said on Monday.

However, the National Rifle Association spokeswoman admitted she is torn on whether Franken should resign since he is innocent until proven guilty.

"If he is found to be with fault, then of course he needs to resign," she said.

Recently a number of high-profile men have come under scrutiny after women accused them of sexual misconduct, including Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Hollywood director Harvey Weinstein.

"When it ends is going to be when people stop being perverts, for lack of a better way to put it," Loesch smiled.

"It's really easy to just keep your hands to yourself," she continued. "Were we all not taught that in elementary school? You keep your hands to yourself."

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