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Country artist Neal McCoy poked fun at National Football League players kneeling for the national anthem in a new viral song.

"Take a knee, my a**," McCoy sings to laughter from his audience.

The patriotic singer records himself saying the Pledge of Allegiance with troops and others and has built an audience of thousands who watch the short videos on his Facebook page.

"I think it's something that some people are scared to step up and say something about it, but if you give them an opportunity to echo it through you then they jump right in," McCoy told "Fox & Friends" on Sunday.

McCoy said he has gotten some flack for his recording, with some people even calling him a racist. Others have encouraged him, though, saying they agree with his message.

The singer also shared some of his family memories, mentioning that his grandfather was in World War I and his father met his Filipino mother when he was a soldier in the Korean War. His mother encouraged his siblings and him to be grateful for the blessings of America, McCoy remembered.

Watch the full interview above.

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