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A Pennsylvania man has sparked a controversy by standing on an American flag outside a courthouse to protest racism.

Rashad McAdory said he will remain standing on the flag outside the Erie County Courthouse until his concerns about white supremacy and racial injustice in the local justice system and in the city of Erie as a whole are addressed.

“It is not my flag,” McAdory said. “I want to see the system change and the laws and help for the black community.”

McAdory, who said he is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, said he's outraged by a recent article that named Erie the worst city for African Americans to live, so he is protesting to bring awareness to that issue.

McAdory said he has been standing on the flag in front of the courthouse for several days and will continue to do so until “someone in charge” comes out and talks to him about his concerns.

On Thursday, a group of counterprotesters assembled next to him, holding up an American flag.

“I love America,” counterprotester Josh Castano said. “I appreciate his protest, but not standing on the flag. The national anthem and the flag are not foundations to stand on.”

“If you want to protest, fine,” counterprotester Benjamin Kage said. “But when you stand on the American flag, you lose momentum, you lose credibility.”

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