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On The Daily Briefing, Dana Perino said that recent polls show a majority of voters prefer generic-ballot Democratic candidates to Republicans going into 2018.

Political consultant Gianno Caldwell said Republicans should be concerned about a lack of legislative accomplishments thus far in 2017.

But he said there might be a "change in momentum" to the GOP's favor if the Senate can reconcile and pass the tax reform package the House approved this week.

After Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D) won the state's governorship last week, Perino said it was an example of a moderate Democrat winning in a time where more progressive Democrats tend to be favored.

Caldwell said it will be "very difficult" to find such candidates that can stage successful 2018 bids because the "Bernie Sanders wing" of the party is so heavily favored by millennials and others.

However, Jessica Tarlov said Republicans have serious ground to make up in generic-ballot polls to return below the eight-point spread she said characterizes a "wave election."

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