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A Georgia high school football team, joined by supportive students and fans, banded together after an out-of-state atheist group objected to coaches praying with players.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) notified East Coweta County High School about coach John Small praying with players.

"Coach Small's conduct is unconstitutional because he endorses and promotes his religion when acting in his official capacity as a school district employee," the organization wrote.

The school board then announced that coaches could not "join hands, bow their heads, take a knee or commit another act that otherwise manifests approval with the students' religious experience."

In response, the players joined hundreds of students and fans at their final game in an even bigger prayer than usual. 

Small told Ainsley Earhardt that he's proud of his players for standing up for what they believe. He emphasized that the pregame prayers are always student-led, not led by the coaches. 

But he said he's unsure why the FFRF chose his team when there are countless football teams across the country that do the same thing.

"Why we got selected I don't know. But God has a bigger plan and we saw this plan go into action because our kids took a stance," said Small. 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes said it will host a community prayer rally Thursday night at the team's stadium in the small town south of Atlanta. 

Earhardt noted that the FFRF has continually taken similar actions against schools and municipalities across the country, threatening legal action for what it sees as school-sanctioned prayer.

Watch the "Fox & Friends" interview above.

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