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On Fox Business Network today, Stuart Varney said he's one of many Americans who are sick and tired of NFL players insulting what the United States stands for.

He said that he's recently found it hard to watch the league, due to some players' ongoing protests during the national anthem.

"I chose to be an American citizen. And I don't like seeing my flag and anthem insulted," Varney said. "You don't respect my country, I'm not watching your sport. You've spoiled it for me."

He added that he's not alone in that sentiment, pointing out that the NFL's TV ratings and attendance are down.

"If you object publicly to these anthem protests, you are accused of being divisive," Varney said, noting that Papa Johns had to apologize after its founder and CEO, John Schnatter, questioned league leadership for its handling of player protests during the national anthem.

"Truth is, America is tired of seeing millionaire Hollywood types badmouthing our country and our president. And America is clearly tired of millionaire football players biting the hand that feeds them and insulting all that America stands for," Varney said. "I can't divorce talent from politics. Hollywood, the NFL, you've turned me off."

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