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Sen. Marco Rubio wasted no time responding to President Trump's water grab during a televised press conference.

"Not bad for his 1st time," the Florida Republican quipped on Twitter.

During his campaign Trump made fun of his fellow presidential candidate, whom he dubbed "Little Marco" for taking an awkward water break while criticizing President Obama on television.

At a press conference after his first official trip to Asia, the president abruptly ducked down under his lectern mid-speech to hunt for water for his dry mouth.

"They don't have water. That's okay," Trump said, smiling. Someone quickly pointed him to a bottle of Fiji water, and he paused the briefing to take a swig from it.

Twitter immediately blew up with jabs and jokes at the president, reminding users about the campaign moment.

The president declared his Asia visit a success, which included stops in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

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