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Jesse Watters reacted to a press conference called by two members of Judge Roy Moore's (R-Ala.) team in response to sexual misconduct allegations.

He said that in the conference, the main defense for Moore appeared to be an attempt at discrediting feminist attorney Gloria Allred who is assisting one of the accusers.

Campaign Chairman Bill Armistead and Moore's attorney Phillip Jauregui said Moore is being smeared by a woman who used a yearbook signature to prove contact with the candidate in 1977.

"Read the room, Roy, your time's over," Watters said.

"Was this a response to Sean Hannity's 24-hour ultimatum?" he asked, referring to the Fox News host's demand that Moore present sufficient evidence to prove his innocence by Wednesday night.

Armistead said Moore cannot "stand idly by... false charges."

Jauregui said he's known Moore for 24 years and has be with him around about "10,000 different ladies" without seeing a hint of impropriety or inappropriate behavior.

He said that when allegations are true, it is terrible for the victim, but when they are false, it is terrible for the accused.

Jauregui said that during the woman's press conference, where she was flanked by Allred, she presented a yearbook allegedly signed by Moore in 1977.

Jauregui said his team is hiring a handwriting expert to see if some parts of the note Moore allegedly wrote were actually written by Moore - a claim the judge denies.

Watters said Jauregui's defense for Moore was simply to "persecute Gloria Allred"

"I don't know if that's an effective strategy," he said. "Did Gloria Allred help her forge the thing? I don't know. You're knocking down maybe one allegation [but you] didn't address others."

Jauregui said the woman who was with Allred also claimed she never had contact with Moore after 1977, but that he has proof that Moore presided over her 1999 divorce proceeding.

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