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Ben Shapiro said anyone still considering supporting Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore must ask themselves whether they believe someone with child molestation allegations against him should be sitting in the U.S. Senate.

"Of course he needs to go," the editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire said on "Outnumbered" Wednesday. "He has not provided any explanation as to why the allegations are false."

Two women have accused the GOP nominee for Jeff Sessions' Senate seat of sexually assaulting them when they were underage and he was a district attorney in his thirties back in the 1970s. Moore has denied the allegations, but the stories kept coming last week, including one that he had been banned from a mall for trying to pick up teenage girls.

The accusations are "highly credible," Shapiro said. Just because Democrats are using them politically does not mean they are untrue, he pointed out.

"If all these allegations were made about a Democrat, would you be sitting there defending Roy Moore, or would you be sitting there saying, 'This person is guilty,'" the political commentator asked.

He added that it is "distasteful" that many on the right were willing to lambaste Anthony Weiner for his sexual misconduct against a minor girl, but they now call the Moore accusations a conspiracy by his opponents.

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