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Tucker Carlson said that he agrees that "forces of evil" will try to damage Christian conservatives, but that Judge Roy Moore (R-Ala.) should not use his belief in God as a defense against serious allegations.

Carlson said some people will "lie, cheat and steal" if they believe it will silence Christian conservaitves.

But, he said Moore may have gone too far by saying he is being accused of sexual misconduct because of his staunch Christian beliefs.

"Moore is accused of appalling behavior," Carlson said. "[He's] claiming to be a victim of bigotry. That's what Al Sharpton does."

Carlson said that Sharpton, an East Harlem, N.Y. activist, uses claims like that when asked about his tax liability problems.

"Not everyone accused of something is guilty," Carlson said of Moore. "What he's not allowed to do is [to] drag God into this. This is not about Christianity, this is about Roy Moore."

Carlson said that, instead of using the defense that he is an Evangelical Christian under political fire, he should respond to each claim with specificity.

He said he would respond in a similar manner if his children accused their school of targeting their political beliefs in the case that they were caught cheating on an exam.

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