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Former Reagan Communications Director Pat Buchanan said passing tax reform is a must, even if the end result is not the perfect bill some hoped for.

"Failure is really not an option on this tax bill," the former presidential candidate said Tuesday. "They've got to get this done. That's what they were sent here to do."

 Buchanan said the tax bill includes several good aspects including cutting the corporate tax rate.

"Once getting it done you've got to get the economy up and moving, jobs being created, pay of working class Americans moving up, and that's got to be done by the time you get to 2020 I think," he continued.

"It's got to be morning in America by then."

Buchanan also called "excellent news" the GOP's new plan to include repeal of the ObamaCare mandate in the Tax Reform bill. 

"You've got very narrow margins. Be bold, get it done," and if Congress still has a Republican majority after 2018 they can look at taxes again, Buchanan said.

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