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While the Department of Justice considers opening the door to commencing a special counsel investigation of the Uranium One deal, one Trump surrogate reacted to the idea.

Harlan Hill, a member of the Trump reelection board, said on FBN that appointing a special counsel would show that "we're not going to tolerate this type of corruption."

Hill said that in addition to the Uranium One deal, authorities should take a closer look at the Obama administrations actions when it comes to Russia, on the whole.

Hill said former President Obama and Hillary Clinton "put us at risk by selling a quarter of our Uranium."

"How can we not follow this?" he asked.

"This goes deep," Hill said. "The outgoing administration attempt[ed] to undermine... the peaceful transfer of power."

He said that Clinton and surrogates of Obama are trying to project the exact type of actions involving Russia onto the Trump campaign that they themselves likely participated in.

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