Ivanka Trump Pushes 'Critically Important' Tax Reform Plan

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Ivanka Trump is optimistic that Congress will be able to pass tax reform, which she said is a critical component of her father's plan to invigorate the economy.

She said the president's vision for the tax plan is two-fold: enabling American businesses to compete in a global landscape and offering middle-income families relief.

She said they will achieve the former with aggressive tax cuts for corporations and small businesses, and the latter through tax cuts and expanded child tax credits.

"The purpose of tax reform is to provide middle-income tax relief and to enable our businesses to grow and our economy to grow," Trump said. "And we think this is going to happen."

Brian Kilmeade asked what kind of objections she's been seeing to the more controversial parts of the Senate tax bill, such as completely doing away with state and local tax deductions (SALT).

She said that the House Ways and Means Committee has suggested a collaborative solution by allowing property taxes to be deducted.

"The Senate is still not there, and they're working on the details of the SALT issue together," Trump said.

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