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Jenna and Barbara Bush joined "The Five" to share what it was like to "live history" when their father was president.

The twin daughters of George W. Bush treated the table to some memories from their days growing up in the White House, some of which are chronicled in their new book "Sisters First."

"Having each other was such a gift," Jenna said.

"I'm so lucky we had the parents we did because they allowed us to be ourselves," she continued, recalling when the sisters got into some teenage trouble. "I do think that kids, whether you're the president's children are allowed to make mistakes."

The Bush sisters said they apologized to their father for their reaction to his candidacy for president when they were 16, which made them cry and tell him he was going to lose, Barbara recalled.

"We quickly realized the privilege it is to live history," Jenna said.

The sisters also shared some tidbits about their dad, saying he "likes to laugh."

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