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Judge Jeanine Pirro said it is not only controversial to be a Trump supporter but can also be dangerous.

Anti-Trump protesters across the country have normalized violence against the right in an "outright attempt at anarchy," the judge said on Saturday.

"With conviction and an air of condescension the Left so hates Donald Trump and those who support him that they've sanctioned the use of violence against them," she explained. "The goal of these haters is to normalize, incite, and mobilize hatred and turn it into violence."

Judge Jeanine disagreed with those who said the shooter who shot up Republicans at a congressional baseball practice was just a crazy person. The gunman was "focused, lucid, and clear" in his attempt to commit violence against the right, the judge opined, pointing out that he asked a congressman beforehand whether it was Democrats or Republicans playing.

Antifa is trying to "recast our legal system" without authority so that violence is acceptable against those they disagree with politically, Pirro continued.

"The very ones who call you fascists and label themselves anti-fascist or antifa are changing the rules."

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