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After a 100-year-old World War ll veteran's Texas home was flattened by Hurricane Harvey, his community sprang to action.

Lt. Bill Fly was hoping to spend his 100th birthday in his home where he had lived with his wife before she passed away.

After the hurricane destroyed most of Fly's house, former Navy SEAL and Purple Heart recipient Marcus Luttrell and his wife Melanie rallied their neighbors to repair the home and even raised almost $90,000 for it. The group even restored the veteran's pool table.

"I'll bet you he lives 20 more years," Marcus Luttrell said after the home was repaired.

Fly reflected on his service this Veterans Day.

"I really didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the fact that I was a veteran of World War ll," Fly said. "A lot of years passed and then suddenly I guess World War ll veterans got kind of scarce, and I was outliving some of them, so they paid more attention to me."

"I didn't think I ever wanted to be 100 years old, and now I'm kind of glad I am," the grateful vet said through emotion. "I just hope in their rainy days of their lives that they're going to be as happy and content as I am ... I really, really appreciate it. Thank you so much."

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