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Jennifer Griffin spoke to two wounded warriors to honor those who have sacrificed for our freedom ahead of Saturday's Veterans' Day.

Retired Army Ranger Michael Schlitz told Griffin he was patrolling southwestern Baghdad in February of 2007, looking to defuse roadside bombs.

Schlitz said his vehicle was engulfed by an explosion from two buried artillery rounds and a buried propane tank.

The explosion blew the door off of his armored vehicle and the deadly combination of ordnance and propane caused burns over 85 percent of his body.

Griffin said Schlitz contemplated suicide while being treated for severe wounds at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

However, Schlitz powered through his recovery and now continues to serve through his work at the Gary Sinise Foundation.

Another wounded veteran, Captain Leslie Smith, said a blood clot in her leg later caused her to be deemed legally blind.

She also lost part of her leg, and was placed on "imminent death status" after taking herself to the hospital.

"Somewhere deep down, I knew it wasn't my time," Smith said of surviving her own ordeal.

Griffin will host the Wounded Warrior Experience, a special presentation on Fox Business Network on Saturday at 3 PM ET.

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