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Campaign Finance Atty: DOJ, FEC Should Probe Clinton After Brazile Revelations

Laura Ingraham said that left-wing politicians and media talking heads are participating in a "shameless and phony embrace of American exceptionalism."

"Those who have spent a lifetime singing from the globalist hymnals are suddenly embracing American exceptionalism," she said.

"They're saying Trump is doing the whole foreign policy thing wrong," Ingraham said.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and President Obama's Ambassador to China Chris Hill said Trump shouldn't be "kowtowing" to Chinese leadership.

In Beijing, Trump said China is not to blame for what he called Xi Jinping's government "taking advantage of" the United States.

Instead, Trump blamed ineffective diplomacy from past administrations.

Ingraham said left-wing news site Slate called Trump's actions in China "weak and clueless," marking him the "American president of Chinese dreams."

She pointed out how, if any president should be considered "weak and clueless" or one who "kowtows," it should be Barack Obama.

Ingraham played clips of Obama bowing to the Japanese emperor, and criticizing America in his Cairo, Egypt address.

"Xi knows that Trump would never prostrate himself and apologize for America either. Obama did," Ingraham said.

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