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Tucker Carlson said that Facebook executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker should testify before Congress about the dangers of social media.

Campaign finance law attorney Cleta Mitchell said Hillary Clinton and her campaign should be investigated over whether they "willfully" misused tens of thousands of dollars while the DNC allowed them to control much of its apparatus.

Mitchell said that, ironically, Democrats are the ones who routinely call for caps on campaign spending limits, but that the new revelations may show that they don't often have the intention of abiding by them.

She added that, in this case, the Clinton camp could be investigated pursuant to an amendment championed by fellow Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer of New York, which bans any intentional misuse of campaign funds in excess of $25,000.

"Here is Hillary Clinton literally controlling every operational aspect of the DNC... in 2015... so [Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)] didn't really have a chance," she added.

"They even moved the bank account of the DNC from Washington, where it had been for decades... to the same bank in New York where Hillary Clinton's bank account was."

Mitchell said, that by allowing the DNC to be controlled by the Clinton campaign in 2015, they were able to utilize the higher spending caps afforded to party committees versus individual campaigns.

She said that the Department of Justice and the Federal Election Commission may have reason to take a closer look at the DNC's and Clinton's activities in 2015.

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