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On "The Story," Ben Shapiro responded to people who are critical of others offering "thoughts and prayers" in the wake of the Texas church shooting.

Some have claimed that "thoughts and prayers" aren't enough, calling for gun control and other measures to prevent mass shootings.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) did not join his colleagues who were observing a moment of silence for the victims in the chambers of the House of Representatives, refusing to "be silent" and calling for "reasonable gun safety legislation."

Shapiro called him out on Twitter, and the two had an extended exchange:

On "The Story," Shapiro said a lot of the criticism over "thoughts and prayers" is coming from people who don't believe those thoughts and prayers are sincere if one doesn't support gun control.

"This is a dramatic misunderstanding of what thoughts and prayers are for," Shapiro said. "The idea of a prayer is not necessarily to change policy. It's to change yourself, it's to change your community, it's to better yourself so that God smiles with more favor upon you and your community."

"It's not always supposed to be just fuel in the tank so that you go out and pass a gun control proposal the left likes."

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