Fox News Insider caught up with Harris Faulkner for an inside scoop on her brand-new show and some insight on what she's up to when she's not in the "Outnumbered" studios. 

Read what Harris had to say below and catch her weekdays at noon ET on Outnumbered and then at 1:00pm ET on Outnumbered Overtime on Fox News Channel. 

I'm going overtime in my "dream zone."

I thought I was living my dream when I was anchoring "Fox Report" on the weekend and doing "Outnumbered," now one of the 10 most-watched shows on cable news. But then the opportunity to anchor "Outnumbered Overtime" came along - to extend a show I already love and come off the weekends.

I thought I had already achieved my dream, but Fox News Channel is a place where that dream can grow and now I'm doing it in a different and bigger way. I'm so excited I can't even express it.

I represented Fox News Channel this summer at the National Association of Black Journalists.

 I spoke about journalism and personal branding. Here are some pieces of advice I give to aspiring journalists:

- Be careful on social media. Treat it like what you post will live for the rest of time, even outlive you, because it will. Sometimes young people think that before they're a public person, they can do all these crazy, wild things. 

- I tell young journalists to read everything and have a historical context on the big events today. If North Korea is in the news, don't wait until you get to a national network to start studying about it. Make sure you're knowledgeable about the big stories that affect the United States and the world.

Our favorite family activity 

Each year I hike with my husband and daughters along the Hudson River to the historic Little Red Lighthouse, under the George Washington Bridge. We can see the lighthouse from our home across the river and it's absolutely gorgeous to hike to it. It's one of our favorite places to hike in late spring. We also love to hike in Arizona, where my husband's family is from.

Catch me on the red carpet.

I love to attend red carpet events whenever I can, but particularly events I can tell my daughters about and share with them. The photo above is from the Paley Center for Media, where I was honored among a group of women that included Marlo Thomas and Carol Burnett. It was so humbling and I felt so blessed.

I love that my daughters, 8 and 10 years old, can see me getting excited about what I do. I don't watch a lot of "hard news" with my daughters because I like to have a conversation with them about some of the subject matter before they see it. Red carpet events are a great way for me to talk about journalism with my girls and for them to see my love of fashion.

Look, I'm a bitmoji!

My daughters helped me create my own bitmoji, which is a digital picture of yourself. It allows me to communicate a whole host of fun stuff on Snapchat. You can build it however you want.

Check out my 'swoop' and lashes!

I also chose to include the phrase "best news ever" because I want to remind people that even though they often see me reporting tough and difficult news, in my heart I know we'll get through it, that Americans support each other and that we live in a great country. 

Catch Harris Faulkner weekdays at noon ET on "Outnumbered" and then at 1:00pm ET on "Outnumbered Overtime." And keep up with her on Twitter and Instagram!

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