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Tomi Lahren has a response to the Democrat lawmakers who are calling for gun control in the wake of the Texas church shooting.

"The answer is never to take away the rights of law-abiding Americans," Lahren said on "Fox & Friends" this morning. "That is never going to be the answer, that is never going to be the solution."

She said that would just cause a bigger divide in the U.S. between those who want stricter gun legislation and those who value their Second Amendment rights.

She added that more laws wouldn't have prevented Sunday's massacre, since the laws that are already on the books are not being enforced.

Gunman Devin Kelley was reportedly able to purchase firearms because the U.S. Air Force didn’t report his violent past to the FBI for inclusion in the National Criminal Information Center database, which is used to conduct background checks on would-be gun purchasers.

"What is more law and more regulation going to do to solve the problem?" Lahren wondered. "That what I still don't understand. The Democrats still can't explain it to me."

She added that she was proud to see President Donald Trump stand up for the Second Amendment and declare that stricter gun laws are not the answer to mass shootings.

"I'm so proud that we have this president in office," Lahren said. "After eight years, hearing someone like Donald J. Trump defend our Second Amendment right the way that he did and as vocally as he did and stand his ground, I gotta tell you, the anniversary of the election just makes me even more proud of our president. I'm right there with him."

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