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Democratic Virginia Governor-elect Ralph Northam's victory speech Tuesday night was interrupted by protesters chanting and holding signs calling for amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Videos showed at least three protesters with homemade signs shouting, "Sanctuary for all!"

Northam was ushered off stage by a security official while the protesters were escorted out. Northam soon returned to the podium to speak and did not address the disruption.

Northam said last week he would sign a ban on sanctuary cities as governor after previously voting against such a ban, angering some immigration advocates on the left.

Steve Hayes said on "Outnumbered" that Northam flipped not only on immigration and sanctuary cities, but also on Confederate monuments.

"He was going to lead the charge to take down Confederate monuments and ended up backing off that position," Hayes said.

Lisa Boothe said the protest during Northam's victory speech highlights the split in the Democratic Party.

"You have the Bernie Sanders part of the base pulling you one direction, and then you have then Nancy Pelosi, [Chuck] Schumer, more establishment part of the base pulling you in another direction," Boothe said.

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