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Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick (R) said the man being praised as a hero after the Sutherland Springs church shooting doesn't want the moniker.

Patrick said that Stephen Willeford asked that he be instead considered a "victim" because he too lost friends in the shooting.

"Tell Laura [Ingraham], tell the country, tell the world I'm not a hero. I lost my friends, I lost people in my community," Patrick said, relaying Willeford's thoughts.

Patrick said Willeford is an extremely humble man who was trying to do the right thing. He said Willeford would rather be remembered as a Christian, helping his neighbor as anyone should.

"God gave him great presence of mind and calmness," Patrick said. "He's a Christian most of all."

Patrick said that Willeford wants to go to the hospital to visit with victims and their families and minister to them.

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