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David Brown, whose 73-year-old mother Farida is still in the hospital, discussed how his mother recalled the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting.

Brown said his mother was in a pew close to the door when Devin Kelley began shooting through the windows of the church before coming inside.

At first, Kelley emptied several clips from the doorway before entering the building, Brown said.

Brown said his mother laid on the ground in her pew as Kelley walked up and down the aisles shooting those trying to hide under their own pews.

Eventually, he said Kelley made it over to her pew and repeatedly shot the woman lying next to her.

"You're going to be OK. You're going to heaven," he said his mother told the woman as she held her hand.

He said Kelley began shooting any children who began crying, until another man with a gun engaged Kelley at the door.

Brown said the man, identified by several sources as Stephen Willeford, "diverted [Kelley's] attention" and eventually stopped him from continuing his rampage.

"Every time I heard a shot, I knew that represented a life," Willeford said of his decision to interrupt the massacre.

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