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John Bolton warned that the U.S. and North Korea are "past the point" of diplomacy on the rogue regime's growing nuclear program.

President Trump made his first trip to Asia as president this week after a year of harsh jabs and threats between America's commander-in-chief and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un. Trump has expressed his hope that China will put pressure on its lucrative trading partner North Korea to tamp down its nuclear program.

However, Bolton said he is "virtually certain" North Korea will not be talked out of developing nuclear weapons.

"They would say that they would freeze their program. They've done that before," the former ambassador to the United Nations said.

To verify if Kim Jong-Un had indeed halted nuclear development, however, Bolton said the U.S. would still need to have an "intrusive presence" in North Korea that they would never agree to.

"The real conversation if there is to be a diplomatic answer is not with North Korea," he concluded. "It's with China on the president's next step."

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