Judge Nap: 'James Comey Thought He Could Pull a Fast One on the American People'

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Judge Andrew Napolitano said "there's more than meets the eye" when it comes to the role of former Trump adviser Carter Page in the Robert Mueller special investigation.

Napolitano said that originally, Page claimed he didn't go to Russia to meet with any Russian agents, but later admitted that the Kremlin paid for his trip and lodging.

Page said he told then-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) about the trip and the "insights" he got from Russian state actors.

"Why would Bob Mueller allow [Page], who seems to be central [to important] information... to speak freely and under oath?" Napolitano asked.

"Because he doesn't trust his credibility."

Napolitano said Mueller is looking for a reason to prosecute him for perjury in the case and give him reason to cooperate with the probe.

"There's more there than meets the eye," he said. "If there's a crime, it's probably conspiracy.... It makes all of those in the conspiracy potential targets."

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