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In her newest Final Thoughts commentary, Tomi Lahren takes on calls for gun control after the Texas church shooting...

It's time for Final Thoughts.

Yesterday a monster opened fire at First Baptist Church in the small community of Sutherland Springs, Texas.  It is the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history.

Our thoughts and prayers, yes that's thoughts AND PRAYERS go out to this small Texas town.

And if you're one of those "journalists" or arrogant Twitter warriors who takes issue with our prayers or finds it cliche, well that says a lot about your character.

Speaking of character, it's clear comedian-turned-political-genius Chelsea Handler is severely lacking in that department. 

She tweeted quote, “Innocent people go to church on Sunday to honor their God, and while doing so, get shot in killed. What country? America. Why? Republicans.” End quote.

Chelsea, that’s a pretty bold statement and so utterly stupid and ridiculous I doubt even you believe it. Republicans? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Why is it when a radical Muslim murders innocent people in the name of Islam these liberals refuse to blame or even say radical Islam, BUT when a white man murders innocents, they blame Republicans, all white people and the NRA?

Listen up, if you weren't calling for a truck ban after last week's terror attack in New York City, then you have no reason to blame guns or law-abiding gun owners for this horrific tragedy in Texas.

No, stripping away our rights is not, and never will be, the solution.

In fact, let's talk about the brave Sutherland Springs resident who grabbed his own rifle and engaged the shooter, causing him to drive away.

Another under-reported but common instance where a good guy with a gun stepped in and stepped up in the face of danger.

That's what law-abiding gun owners do.

When these selectively self-righteous gun-hating liberals finally wrap their minds around it maybe they'll gain respect for the Second Amendment and our right to bear arms. All of you sick people using this tragedy to push your gun control agenda, yet again, need to ask yourselves an honest question: do you think someone who busts into a church to murder people give a flying you-know-what about gun laws?

No, they don't.

Yet, here we are.

That didn't stop him and it wouldn't stop any psycho or terrorist who wants to murder innocent people.

Oh, and if you think it's wise to lecture Texans on gun control, you clearly haven't spent much time in Texas.

It's not gun control that saves lives, it's gun education. So, learn.

Those are my final thoughts. Texas, we are with you and we are praying for your community. From Los Angeles, God bless and take care. 

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