Texas Attorney General: Church Shooting Is 'Going to Happen Again'

Pastor's 14-Year-Old Daughter Killed in Texas Church Shooting

Counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway criticized some on the left for immediately politicizing the deadly church shooting in Texas.

At least 26 people were killed and approximately 20 more were wounded after a gunman opened fire at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday.

In the wake of the attack, many Democrat lawmakers and Hollywood celebrities called for gun control.

Chelsea Handler even went so far as to blame Republicans for the mass shooting.

Conway said that playing politics in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy is "so beyond any type of reasonable response."

"It's just like I said in Las Vegas over a month ago. You had families literally still looking for their loved ones through the rubble and remains in Las Vegas, running from hospital to hospital. There were people who were injured who went on to pass away, and yet people ... pointing fingers," Conway said.

She said the rush to judgment doesn't help the victims, and it's disrespectful to the dead.

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