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Greg Gutfeld said, that in the wake of terror attacks or other mass casualty events, it is important to focus on the "local heroes" who stopped the culprit and saved lives.

Gutfeld said the media "enlarges the impact" of the criminal or terrorist who committed the act.

"Large pebbles can make ripples across water," he said. "Those new ripples persuade another fiend [to] die for infamy."

He said the public must deny the otherwise insignificant culprit's quest for infamy, and instead focus on the people who helped in the aftermath or stopped the attack from continuing.

Gutfeld said, that in the case of the Texas church shooting, the attention should be on the hero who shot the murderer through his body armor, and the passer-by in a pickup who chased down the man.

"Those are pebbles who deserve the wider ripple," he said.

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