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Just one day before voters head to the polls in the Virginia gubernatorial race, Democrat Ralph Northam holds a five-point edge over Republican Ed Gillespie, according to a new Fox News poll.

In the survey of likely Virginia voters, neither candidate received majority support, as Northam garnered 48 percent to Gillespie's 43 percent.

One in ten voters were either undecided (seven percent) or opted for Libertarian Cliff Hyra or another candidate (three percent).

In the past several weeks, Gillespie has gained some ground on Northam. A Fox News poll conducted October 15-17 found Northam had a had a seven-point lead (49-42 percent).

On "America's Newsroom," Peter Doocy reported that the Northam campaign has been trying to make the race about President Donald Trump.

"We watched a campaign in 2016, one that was embarrassing for this country, but also a campaign that was based on a lot of hatred and bigotry and discrimination and fear," Northam recently said.

Doocy reported that Gillespie has been sending out campaign mail in certain parts of the state reminding voters that he received Trump's endorsement.

"But Gillespie is really just trying to cast himself as a Republican who would be very friendly to businesses and very tough on gangs like MS-13," Doocy said.

Doocy reported that Northam is favored by blacks by 79 points (86-7 percent), moderates by 32 (55-23), voters with graduate degrees by 30 (61-31), women by 20 (56-36), and those with a college degree by 18 (54-36).

The key groups preferring Gillespie include conservatives by 59 points (76-17 percent), white evangelical Christians by 57 (73-16), whites without a college degree by 43 (67-24), and men by 9 (49-40).

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