Tomi Lahren: A Free Speech Lesson for NFL Anthem Kneelers

See Tomi and Master P discuss the NFL anthem protests and rappers' attacks on President Trump.

In a Fox News Insider exclusive, Tomi Lahren talked to rapper and businessman Master P about social media, specifically the "haters."

Lahren said when it comes to social media haters, her mantra is "no one hunts small deer."

"I remind myself [that] they're talking about you because you're relevant, you're important, you're doing something that matters," she said.

Master P agreed, saying he uses social media as a business tool and shares the same view. 

"If you weren't doing nothing, then you're not relevant and nobody cares anyway. Nobody can make you happy but you. They're not gonna dictate your future," he said, adding "if you have time to sit around on social media and talk about me, you're not doing nothing."

Instead of the critics, he said he's more focused on coming up with new business ideas, giving back to his community and raising his kids.

Lahren asked Master P what advice he would give to someone like her, who's on the complete opposite end of the political spectrum.

"I say do what you believe," Master P said. "You're going to be good at whatever you do you believe in. Don't do stuff to make money. Do it because you love it and you believe in it. And you're going to make all the money you need to make."

Watch the discussion above.

Tomi Lahren's Final Thoughts are on Fox News Insider...

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