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Coaches at East Coweta public High School are no longer allowed to pray with their football team after an anti-religion group warned them it is illegal.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation received a complaint and video of coach John Small praying with the Coweta Country, Georgia team, they said. The foundation reminded public school employees cannot pray with students.

Afterwards, parents and students at Friday's game stood next to each other holding hands and prayed, but coaches were no longer present.

"It's not allowed because it sends a message to students that the school is endorsing the religion," said representative for Freedom From Religion Chris Line.

"They may realize the coach likes the prayer and he wants prayer to take place, so I'm going to single myself out if I choose not to participate," said Line.

Some parents did not see a problem with the practice, however.

"I have my right to pray and everybody else has a right to pray so we'll stand behind Coach Small and our boys," said Michelle Pace, whose son Brian plays for the team.

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