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President Donald Trump spoke to reporters moments ago before he departed on a 12-day trip to Asia. 

He emphatically declared that the U.S. will strike ISIS "10 times harder" after the terror group claimed credit for Tuesday's terror attack in New York City. 

"What we're doing is every time we're attacked from this point forward, we're hitting them 10 times harder. ... They claimed him as a soldier. Good luck. Every time they hit us, we know it's ISIS, we hit them like you folks won't believe," he said, referring to the 29-year-old Uzbek attacker as an "animal."

In an interview on "The Ingraham Angle" last night, Trump repeated his criticism of the U.S. justice system as it pertains to the handling of terrorism cases.

He lamented that terrorist Sayfullo Saipov could be "tied up forever in the court system."

"You look at some of the cases that are going on forever and you have them dead to rights," Trump said. "No, the justice system has to go quicker. And it has to be, really, stronger and fairer."

The president also commented Friday morning on the Russia investigations, repeating that there was "no collusion." He told the media to "take a look at" the new book by Donna Brazile, in which the former interim DNC chair claimed that Hillary Clinton wielded her influence over the party to essentially rig the outcome against her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders.

He said the Justice Department should look at the Democrats, including "Podesta and all that dishonesty."

The president will arrive at Pearl Harbor later today before embarking on a high-stakes swing through Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam and the Philippines, where tensions with North Korea will be high on the agenda.

Watch the remarks above.

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