A new poll shows more than four in five respondents feel that the American dream is within reach. 

The Pew Research survey, conducted in August, found that 36 percent of respondents feel that their family has achieved the American dream, while 46 percent feel they're "on their way" to achieving it. 

Forty percent said being wealthy is not an important part of attaining the "American dream," 49 percent said wealth is important and 11 percent said it's essential. 

In an interview on "The Ingraham Angle," President Donald Trump said he's not getting enough credit for what he sees as an economic revival. 

"We're setting record after record, day after day," he said, explaining that he's bringing back jobs by cutting regulations. Just yesterday, the president touted that semi-conductor company Broadcom is moving its headquarters back into the United States.

On "America's Newsroom," Fox News contributors Leslie Marshall and Rachel Campos-Duffy debated how much Trump's policies have done for the economy. 

Campos-Duffy said the country is turning the page from a "community-organizing president to a businessman," adding that jobs are coming back in industries like mining which were thought to be on a permanent decline. 

Sandra Smith asked Marshall, a Democrat, whether Trump should at least get credit for fostering a positive environment for business.

Marshall countered that the numbers do not bear out the claims that jobs are coming back, even in Trump's own companies. 

"Come to Wisconsin," said Campos-Duffy, the wife of Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.)

Marshall said other polls show Trump with very low approval ratings and a majority of Americans expressing that the country is in the "worst of times."

She said both Democrats and Republicans "use polls to their benefit and mock them when they don't like results," she ended.

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