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Byron York said former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile's bombshell claims are a "full-scale indictment of the entire power structure at the DNC."

Brazile alleged that the DNC rigged the Democratic presidential primary to ensure that Hillary Clinton won the nomination over Bernie Sanders.

She claimed that the DNC was in debt and signed an agreement with the Clinton campaign to keep the party financially afloat. She said that effectively turned the party’s financial, strategy and staffing decisions over to the Clinton team.

On "Special Report," Byron York noted that Brazile criticized her DNC chair predecessor, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), as a poor manager and fundraiser.

"She not only throws Debbie Wasserman Schultz under the bus, she runs over her multiple times," York said.

He added that Brazile also criticized former President Barack Obama, writing that his "neglect had left the party in significant debt."

"This is really a full-scale indictment of the entire power structure at the DNC," York said.

Politico's Michael Crowley said these revelations come at a bad time for Democrats, as they were having a good week with infighting in the Republican Party and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation seemingly picking up steam.

"Now, suddenly we're all reminded of the fact that the Democratic wounds are still extremely raw, that the Bernie Sanders crowd never got over the primaries," Crowley said. "Absolutely a rough turn of events for the party."

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