Geraldo Blasts 'Fake News' Reports About Trump's Visit to Puerto Rico

President Trump Meets With Hurricane Maria Victims in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello joined Neil Cavuto on "Your World" to discuss efforts to restore power to the island after Hurricane Maria.

Rossello on Thursday criticized the "unacceptable" efforts by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, while the Army Corps of Engineers claimed that they have been slowed because many local officials have resisted their help.

Rossello told Cavuto that he signed an agreement with the Army Corps of Engineers on September 30 - ten days after Maria made landfall - that they would begin working immediately and would have the power grid back up within 45 days.

"It's been 35 days since we signed that agreement, Neil. And still no action has been taken," Rossello said. "The issue is: When are the boots going to be on the ground?"

He said the Army Corps of Engineers has "failed up to this point" in their mission.

Six weeks after the storm, only about 30 percent of Puerto Rico’s grid has been restored, according to Reuters.

He said that President Donald Trump has responded to all of Puerto Rico's petitions, but they still face a long road to recovery.

"The president has stated that he will give support. We believe him on that, as well as other governors and congressmen and women who have stated the same."

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