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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called a "witch hunt" Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of matters not related to the Trump campaign's Russia connections.

"A special prosecutor is a bad idea," Paul told "America's Newsroom on Wednesday.

"They're not doing anything with Russia. They're trying to look at people's taxes from a long time ago that have nothing to do with President Trump."

The investigation, which has yet to find evidence of illegal collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is also a "distraction" for Congress, Paul said.

Paul said he personally does not believe that Donald Trump had anything to do with Russia.

"The rest of it is just a witch hunt in order to transfer blame from Hillary Clinton's poor candidacy to blame the Russians."

"They will drag this on forever," he predicted.

"You give them millions of dollars, an unlimited sort of ability to go after anything, and you'll find that people are going to be prosecuted for stuff that has nothing to do with the original mandate of the prosecutor."

We already know that Russia tried to influence our election, Paul said, just as the U.S. tries to influence other countries' elections.

If there is no Russian collusion evidence the investigation should be shut down, the senator recommended.

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