President Trump: 'Another Attack by a Very Sick and Deranged Person'

Witnesses Describe 'Dead Bodies Just Laying There' After NYC Attack

Former CIA officer Tony Shaffer said today's terror attack in New York City is "indicative of what terror now looks like."

At least eight people were killed and 11 more injured when a suspect drove a rented pickup truck onto a bike path and then rammed into pedestrians and cyclists. The suspect, who reportedly shouted "Allahu akbar" after crashing, was shot by police and taken into custody. He remains hospitalized.

Law enforcement officials have identified the suspect as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, who is from Uzbekistan and was in the U.S. on a green card.

Shaffer echoed Rep. Mike McCaul's (R-TX) remarks that this attack has "all the hallmarks" of ISIS.

He explained that ISIS has called on supporters to engage in smaller-scale attacks with vehicles, explosives or knives.

"We cannot ban every truck, we can't ban knives," Shaffer said. "So we have to get ahead of them as best we can, to detect the network, defeat the network and go at them where they're at both overseas and here."

"We cannot afford to let our guard down one bit," he added. "We've need to go full steam ahead. And we cannot allow innocent citizens, walking and biking in New York or anywhere else, to be mowed down pointlessly."

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