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Alan Dershowitz warned that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a "zealot" whose goal is to charge President Trump or someone very close to him with a crime.

"I don't suggest he's unethical, but he's very zealous," the Harvard law professor emeritus and lifelong Democrat told "America's Newsroom" Tuesday.

His job is to perform justice, not get "as many notches on his belt as possible," Dershowitz reminded.

The lawyer recalled from working with Mueller in the past that he is interested in protecting the FBI and does not want to hear about FBI misconduct.

Dershowitz said Mueller is using a "domino by domino" plan to use the law to put pressure on Trump associates in hopes of finding dirt on the campaign. He said the "ultimate goal is the domino" in the Oval Office.

In effect, the special counsel is using the law to squeeze people and "make them sing," he said.

"The problem is, people don't only sing, they compose. They make up stories, they exaggerate them because they know that the better the evidence, the sweeter the deal," he cautioned.

Dershowitz warned of a danger by both sides in declaring actions of their political opponents as being criminal. 

"If we don't like what they do we immediately declare it criminal, and that is so dangerous," Dershowitz said.

He said the tactic is becoming "more pervasive" these days, pointing to the "lock her up" chants by Trump supporters about Hillary Clinton.

He said Democrats are guilty of the same thing, accusing Trump of crimes for "cooperating" with the Russians or for firing James Comey. 

"It broadens criminal statutes. Today's it's used against Trump, tomorrow against Hillary Clinton. The day after it's used against you and me. It can be used against anybody," he said.

Watch his full analysis above.

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